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    As VCR is moving forward it is time we lift the level of conversation in this forum regarding Ventracor and VentrAssist(TM).

    This hour by hour commentary, guessing game of share price direction, so called 'insider The Alfred Hospital' information, name calling etc. does little to get the real stock talents to participate on this board.

    Everyone should (re)read the attached 23 April 2003 announcement and understand the particular wording selected by Mr Michael Spooner, Ventracor's MD & CEO.

    Please note that in science things don't go to an exact time plan. Sometimes faster than anticipated, but more often things take a little longer and plans get delayed.

    To keep up with Ventracor this link will take you to the company web-site:
    ASX announcements are available from or your broker.
    Ventracor Artificial Heart Pilot Trial Update
    Ventracor Limited (ASX:VCR), today provided a progress report on the
    Pilot Trial of the VentrAssist(TM)artificial heart at The Alfred
    hospital in Melbourne.

    The company said Pilot Trial preparations were on track and had
    entered their final stages. Ventracor Managing Director and Chief
    Executive Officer, Mr Michael Spooner, said that at a meeting with
    the medical investigative team at The Alfred hospital yesterday,
    Ventracor introduced an updated and improved series of Data
    Collection Forms. He said these forms would provide a basis for Pilot
    Trial data to be collected as well as supporting the global Pivotal

    "This integrated approach may well provide Ventracor with significant
    overall time savings in our race to obtain global regulatory approval
    to sell the VentrAssist(TM) device.
    "In effect, Ventracor is looking to incorporate Pilot Trial data into
    our global Pivotal Trial submissions, a process that has only become
    possible as a result of international developments in the past few

    "Ventracor key staff are working closely with the medical
    investigative team at The Alfred hospital in Melbourne to facilitate
    the implementation of the additional requirements in the new Data
    Collection Forms.
    "Ventracor is also assisting with the introduction of new clinical
    tools which monitor patient condition and rehabilitation. These tools
    will help in proving that the VentrAssist(TM) is the treatment of
    choice for patients with severe heart failure.

    "We are expecting the medical investigative team to finalise
    recruitment of patients during May with the first implant to be
    performed in June.
    "Ventracor will utilize this per iod of time to under take additional
    rigorous testing of the final devices.

    "We are delighted with the outcomes from our preclinical testing and
    want to take every opportunity to ensure the success of the overall
    trial process.
    "Both Ventracor and The Alfred hospital are doing their utmost to
    ensure patient wellbeing, dignity and privacy remain our primary
    concern", Mr Spooner said.

    For more information, please contact:
    Michael Spooner Julie Meldrum
    02 9406 3100 02 9406 3100 or 0419 228 128
    This is not financial advice. Read all the red stuff and act accordingly.
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