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Do you really think the ASX has reviewed this down to crossing...

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    Do you really think the ASX has reviewed this down to crossing the T's & dotting the I's, and not vetted every single deal that's been announced under the relisting? It was also stated that they went from a non-binding MOU to a binding agreement with BioHealth & Medcan in a prior update to satisfy ASX requirements (refer

    The last 9 months were only a 'nightmare' on the relisting & flat numbers front as far as can be seen - that one cannot deny. But anything beyond that is purely speculation - Imo there's likely a lot happening behind the scenes to continue progression.. business doesn't stop because of a trading halt.. not for the company anyway. Different story for traders tongue.png

    Probably a number of announcements to be made following relisting.

    And yes - have tried and tested the products personally, and would recommend everyone else do the same! I know a few others on here have too biggrin.png
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