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    HOMEX - Melbourne

    Victorian biotech company joins forces with world's biggest genomics
    supercomputing facility to fast-track the discovery of
    disease-causing genes

    On his way to the world's biggest biotech conference, BIO 2003 in
    Washington DC, the Victorian Premier, Steve Bracks will today open
    the AGT Biosciences Center for Human Statistical Genomics in San
    Antonio, Texas.

    The Center, at the Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research
    (SFBR) site in San Antonio, will access unprecedented supercomputing
    capabilities to accelerate the discovery of genes implicated in
    metabolic and nervous system diseases.

    AGT Biosciences (formerly Autogen) specialises in the development of
    drug targets for diseases such as obesity, diabetes and depression.

    The AGT Biosciences Center will be led by one of theworld's leading
    statistical geneticists Dr John Blangero, a senior scientist at SFBR
    and AGT Biosciences' Chief Scientific Director of Human Genomics.

    Professor Greg Collier, CEO of AGT Biosciences, will also be
    attending BIO 2003 following the launch, part of a Victorian
    contingent of more than 90 companies.

    Professor Collier says the new facility will keep AGT Biosciences at
    the forefront of gene discovery in obesity, diabetes and depression.
    "The unparalleled computing capabilities of our new centre combined
    with our international DNA collection and eXpress technology platform
    give AGT a robust and powerful gene discovery and validation engine.
    These genes will form the basis of next generation therapeutic
    treatments for obesity, diabetes and depression."

    The AGT Biosciences Center will access leading edge computational
    power and software that are not available in Australia. This
    expansion of our partnership with SFBR ensures that AGT Biosciences
    will continue to be a world leader in genomics research. It reflects
    our commitment as a company to access leading domestic and
    international technologies to ensure the maintenance of our strong
    competitive position."

    Dr Frank Ledford, President of the Southwest Foundation, describes
    the new AGT Biosciences Center a "win-win situation for both parties.
    Our mission is to provide a basic scientific cornerstone for
    biomedical research - that will ultimately translated to direct
    patient benefit. Our alliance with AGT Biosciences offers a new
    avenue to achieve such as goal."

    The computing capabilities in San Antonio are based on 1400 CPU
    parallel Linux cluster supercomputer, the 20th most powerful
    supercomputer in the world and the largest dedicated to statistical
    analyses of genetic data.

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