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    Commences Sales of New Hepatitis B Vaccine in HK

    Document date: Thu 15 May 2003 Published: Thu 15 May 2003 10:33:39
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    HOMEX - Sydney

    SciGen Limited ("SciGen") announced today that it will commence
    marketing and sales of Sci-B-VacTM its new 3rd generation mammalian
    cell-derived Hepatitis B vaccine in Hong Kong on 15 May 2003. This
    new Hepatitis B vaccine aims to control the spread of the Hepatitis B
    disease in Hong Kong, and thereby reduce its associated morbidity and
    mortality. Chronic Hepatitis B infection can cause liver cirrhosis
    and liver cancer.

    Mr Mark Compton, Managing Director and CEO of SciGen said that
    "Sci-B-Vac(TM) is the principal product in SciGen's portfolio and
    that the commencement of sales in Hong Kong is further evidence of
    SciGen's ability to roll products out across the Asia Pacific

    "We plan to host a medical symposium on Sci-B-Vac(TM) in Hong Kong as
    we have done in other countries where the vaccine has been launched
    in order to communicate to the medical community the beneficial
    properties of the vaccine and to raise SciGen's profile" Mr Compton
    said. A media and direct mail program to medical practitioners has
    already commenced.

    The incidence of Hepatitis B in Hong Kong is high, at 8-10%.
    Prevention through vaccination is the only effective medical measure
    available to control its spread.

    Registrations of SciGen's other products such as recombinant human
    insulin are in train in a number of other countries in the region.
    Despite a lengthier process than expected within the Indian Ministry
    of Health in the registration of SciGen's insulin in India, the
    process is now well under way and expected to conclude in the middle
    of this year with sales expected to commence in early FY 04 which is
    later than originally anticipated.

    SciGen has also now submitted its registration dossier for
    Sci-B-Vac(TM) for approval in Australia, New Zealand and India.

    SciGen already generates sales from its recombinant human growth
    hormone (SciTropin(TM)) and its third generation Hepatitis B vaccine
    (Sci-B-Vac(TM)) in a number of countries in the Asia Pacific region
    using its own sales and marketing infrastructure. SciGen has offices
    and sales teams in Singapore, Australia, Philippines, Hong Kong,
    Korea and Vietnam with strategic partners in India, Indonesia,
    Poland, US and the Netherlands.


    Mark Compton
    Telephone: +61 2 9234 1700



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