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Announcement within two weeks--right with BNO, page-2

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    about 9 months ago About 9 months ago (approx)--report went out to ABN Amro clients--the stock went from something like 60c to 80c in one day --the placement is 80---as Jolly said it diluted the share issue so he put a value of 70c--on it--it did rise to 86c---it dropped to 70c odd-previous resistance/support was 68c (from my trading notes)--72c is also a key area-it is currently 76c.
    The announcment theory is==just I notice it time and time again on stockhouse--they like to play head games--and a useless piece of shit--is encouraging emotion on the thread---by a bit of defamation and character assasination--an announcement within a time span of a couple of weeks usually follows---I don't have a real interest in the stock--occasionally I post newspaper articles on it and company announcments--other than that I couldn't give a shit about it.
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