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announcement v's expectations

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    So seriously what was so bad about todays announcement?

    T3's didn't get what they wanted sold, Stop losses then triggered and down she went.

    Trinity drilled first two holes based on what he saw and it confirmed coal intersections ( what type still is to come)

    Trinity then drilled 2 more holes to try and figure out where it was going. No results, fine it does not go in that direction ( at the depth they were digging at).

    5th hole helped company confirm a better direction of coal.

    We had 10 weeks to find if we liked the property.

    Mark did the right thing and exercised the options on all properties.

    Now company will sort out the nitty gritty which realistically should not be much.

    Atleast going forward we can get more info on the sites and a more concentrated drilling programme not just a boundary search to see what else if out there. If it was so easy AKM and HUN would be processing by now but guess what, no they are still drilling..

    For me it was good news today, we exercised site and are now soon able to provide further details on site to the market..

    Still those who bought because of the fundamentals are happy, I know I am..

    I'm sure Monday will lead to a BRR to provide more info on the announcment and soon enough we will get Lab results and the detail

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