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    UK Phase 1 Launch

    Document date: Wed 27 Nov 2002 Published: Wed 27 Nov 2002 17:53:03
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    HOMEX - Perth

    New UK tracking network to improve child safety, protect lone workers
    and track valuable assets

    * QuikTrak launches the first tracking technology in the UK that can
    track people, vehicles and objects - inside and outdoors.

    * Uses include child alarms, offender tag tracking and lone worker

    QuikTrak Networks Ltd, a specialist in tracking and location, today
    announced the launch of phase one of its UK network which will
    revolutionise the tracking of people, vehicles and objects.

    Unlike GPS tracking services, the QuikTrak technology can track
    inside as well as outdoors, making it invaluable for parents who wish
    to track their children, agencies wishing to protect employees or
    fleet managers wanting to manage their vehicles.

    Market leading companies such as Blick, ADT, Initial, Tunstalls, The
    Bell Group, Addison Lee, Doctors Direct, Reliance Secure Task
    Management, Spinnaker International, National Monitoring and National
    Car Parks (NCP) are just some of the companies that will trial the
    network within the Greater London region (inside the M25).


    One company that has agreed to use the QuikTrak network is 24/7
    Security; they are launching SOS Response in January 2003. SOS
    Response will enable anyone feeling at risk - such as children,
    women, commuters or lone workers - to arm themselves with a panic
    button which, when activated, will relay an alarm silently to a
    monitoring organisation, giving the exact location of the emergency.
    Parents will be able to log into a secure website and find out the
    location of their child. Other protection systems use GPS technology,
    which relies on 'line-of-sight' for the signals to reach a satellite,
    so if an emergency occurs indoors or undercover, the location
    capability fails.

    Chris Kyriakou, CEO of QuikTrak UK said: "Companies like SOS Response
    will help anyone feeling vulnerable to equip themselves with a device
    that enables the person to be located and tracked when there's an
    emergency. Knowing that your child's location is known, as soon as
    the button is pressed, creates peace of mind. In an emergency, the
    first few hours are the most important, enabling the relevant
    authorities to track the person to typically within 30 metres of the

    The trial companies are able to use the QuikTrak Personal
    Transponder. This affordable, pocket-size device is capable of being
    tracked as well as sending and receiving text messages. It also has a
    duress button which, when activated, sends a signal to the monitoring
    organisation who can immediately dispatch help.


    Tom Mail, Managing Director, Reliance Secure Task Management added,
    "The QuikTrak technology should enable us to take a huge step forward
    in being able to track offenders, as well as providing protection for
    lone workers such as our own security officers. Unlike other
    technologies that have to stay within range of a base station or
    within line-of-sight satellites, QuikTrak provides the opportunity to
    detect people wherever they are."

    John Griffin, Chairman, Addison Lee Couriers commented, "We are
    delighted to be involved from the start. This technology will make
    the whole courier and fleet management business significantly more

    Chris Booker, Managing Director, Blick Communications, added, "When
    it comes to increasing the security of vulnerable workers, this
    network is exactly what we've been looking for. It will make existing
    tracking and location technologies look like black and white
    television in comparison."


    QuikTrak UK Network launch is being held today at The Australian High
    Commission, Australia House, Strand, London. Over twenty companies
    exhibiting at the event include: Blick Communications, BCN Data,
    Tunstall, Toad, Reliance Secure Task Management, SOS Response, Bell
    Group, Getronics, NTL, Terrafix, Spinnaker and Bosch Security Systems
    (formally Philips CSI).


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