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    HOMEX - Perth

    West Australian based Lumacom --- announced today that the first of
    its large full-colour video screens, forming part of an advertising
    network across Europe, had been officially switched on and is now
    fully operational.

    It was announced last month that the Barcelona screen located at the
    Maremagnum waterfront complex had been contracted to major
    international brand advertisers. The one sign is expected to net an
    income revenue stream to Lumacom in the order of $A800,000 per

    The Spanish screen represents not only the first installed in Europe
    but a launch pad for a network of screens carrying advertising from
    high profile international advertisers.

    A number of other high profile iconic sites across Europe are being
    negotiated for conversion to Lumacom sign systems under similar
    arrangements to that of the Barcelona screen.

    Lumacom plans to install a network of screens across the ECU in
    cooperation with the Mega Profile Limited Group - Europe's largest
    outdoor advertising group.

    The Mega Group list of advertisers include the likes of Coca Cola,
    American Airlines, American Express, Easy Jet, Ikea, Ericsson, Ford,
    Motorola, Mercedes, Nike, Orange, Virgin, Volkswagen and Warner
    Brothers, among many impressive international brands.

    The Managing Director of Lumacom, Mr. Rodd Sala, said today that
    "having just returned from Europe and having met with a range of
    advertising executives I have seen first hand that there are a vast
    number of opportunities stretching from the UK through Spain, into
    France, Italy and as far East as Moscow."

    He added "Lumacom has entered into a very exciting phase, by striking
    up an ideal formula between itself, as provider of the unique Lumacom
    technology, and the strength and massive client base offered by major
    outdoor advertising companies such as The Mega Group."

    Mr. Sala said today "It is difficult to project the number of signs
    making up the networks at this stage; however, we expect to enter the
    2003/04 financial year with a significant number of outdoor
    advertising sites secured for LumaSigns. We expect many of these to
    be ordered and processed early in the next quarter."

    In parallel with the Company's European operations, Lumacom is
    progressing well in the North American market, having announced a
    similar joint venture arrangement with the Totius Group for that
    region. The Company expects to be in a position to announce other
    major joint venture projects involving recurring revenue streams very

    Authorised by Rodd Sala
    Managing Director - Lumacom Limited

    Tel: (61-8) 9228 8577 Fax: (61-8) 9228 8677

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