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    Heliothis will be the next revenue generating product after lucitrap ( now selling via Bayer) . This product has had successful trials in Australia.



    HOMEX - Brisbane

    The Board of Cardia Technologies Ltd ("Cardia") is pleased to
    announce that its 42% owned agricultural biotechnology company
    Bioglobal Pty Ltd ("Bioglobal") has lodged an International
    Application for a "Noctuid Attractant Composition" to combat
    agricultural moth pests.

    Bioglobal has also initiated negotiations with the United States
    Department of Agriculture for a Co-operative Research and Development
    Agreement to trial the technology on the Heliothis moth in the USA
    cotton fields.

    As previously advised, the product is currently being trialled to
    combat moth pests on cotton, grain, legume and vegetable crops. The
    Heliothis moth inflicts heavy damage on these crops and the worldwide
    market for the product is estimated to be in excess of $700 million.
    The product aims to take advantage of insect behaviour to provide a
    'greener' alternative to hard-option chemicals, and the trademark
    "Bio-Attract" has been registered in Australia and the USA as the
    brand under which this product will eventually be sold.


    The attractant composition is used to pull the adult pests from
    surrounding areas, and when combined with standard insecticides
    (rotated for resistance management) will kill the pests after they
    feed on the compound. Initial trial results on cotton, grain and
    legumes indicate that chemical insecticide usage can be reduced by up
    to 98%.


    Bioglobal has also lodged a provisional patent for an "Insect Bait
    Station" for use in vegetable crops such as tomatoes, cabbage,
    celery, sweetcorn and lettuce. Trial work over summer 2003 led to the
    development of this novel insect bait station. Many devices for
    trapping or baiting insect pests are known. Many are impractical and
    inefficient and insecticide usage has not diminished, with millions
    of gallons of chemicals sprayed on crops annually.

    The Insect Bait Station differs from Bioglobal's LuciTrap technology
    for sheep blow flies currently being distributed by Bayer Australia
    Ltd in that they do not aim to capture or retain insects but simply
    attract them to the station where they walk on or feed on the killing

    P Volpe

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