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announcement agreement finalised

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    Good to see - time for another run on the back of this ann. - as below.

    GSF Corporation Ltd (ASX:GSF) is pleased to announce that it has finalised and signed the formal Sale
    Agreement to acquire Londoloza Resources Corporation (LRC) which currently owns three projects in
    Zambia. A meeting of shareholders is scheduled to be held in early April to approve the acquisition and the
    appointment of LRC’s President and CEO Johan Engelbrecht to the board of GSF.
    The acquisition of LRC provides GSF with an immediate presence in Zambia and has the potential to add
    significant value to the Company. With the acquisition the Company is also well placed to secure additional
    projects in Zambia, with LRC currently in discussions with parties in relation to the acquisition of such
    projects. Zambia is considered a highly attractive destination for mineral investment and development due to
    its stable political environment, good infrastructure and a well established mining industry. The world
    renowned copperbelt has long been host to major copper-cobalt mines.
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