Anniversary of Hiroshima & Nagasaki

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    “Almighty Father, Who wilt hear the prayer of them that love thee, we pay thee to be with those who brave the heights of Thy heaven and who carry the battle to our enemies. Guard and protect them, we pray thee, as they fly their appointed rounds. May they, as well as we, know Thy strength and power, and armed with Thy might may they bring this war to a rapid end. We pray Thee that the end of the war may come soon, and that once more we may know peace on earth. May the men who fly this night be kept safe in Thy care, and may they be returned safely to us. We shall go forward trusting in Thee, knowing that we are in Thy care now and forever. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen." (source Wikipedia)

    It is rather ironic at those who were about to drop atomic bombs on Hiroshima (Uranium Bomb) & Nagasaki (Plutonium bomb) were read the above to appease conscience given that within it is the justification of Relative Morality ( to stop the war in full knowledge that these bombs would kill hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians) when Christianity as all about Absolute Morality (God's Word)

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