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    mmm - cv for the job of premier!!!

    her cv does not look like much more than a school kid who has been sent out on a bit of work experience.

    from tim blairs blog

    Amazingly, Palaszczuk has never had a real job:
    One of the criticisms levelled at the Opposition leader is that she has scant “real-life” full-time work experience outside of politics – although she did complete a summer clerkship in a law firm in 1997-98 …

    “There are lots of different perceptions of real-life experience. My first job was at the Inala Plaza selling jewellery; I’ve seen all sorts of life; I’ve studied overseas; I’ve worked hard in my community; I can sit down with anyone from any sort of background and have a chat; I’m involved in community organisations.”
    So she’s some kind of community organiser? Good luck, Queensland.

    a person in politics does not need a coffee, to remember what the gst rate is.. the fact is that she did not know.

    remember the hullabaloo, when hewson could not explain how the gst would work on the price of a cake????

    watso is not too sure about other state premiers - but at least in west australia, colin barnett had heaps of experience for his cv, prior to becoming premier
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