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    Good to see major cost reductions!

    Company Announcement
    New Technology Patent Application
    The Directors of Solagran Limited are pleased to announce that Russia’s Federal Agency for
    Patents and Trademarks has accepted an application submitted by the company for a
    technology patent covering an important breakthrough in the conversion of green biomass
    into Bioeffectives® using an advanced extraction process. If awarded, the priority date for
    this patent will be 21 February, 2008.
    Solagran’s current technology patent is broad in scope. It was granted in 2003. This
    additional patent application covers a number of recent technological breakthroughs. It will
    entrench Solagran’s already formidable technological leadership position in the field of Forest
    Biochemistry, and further strengthen the company’s technological IP.
    This invention will deliver four important benefits.
    1. It will simplify certain elements of the production process, enabling both water and oil
    soluble products to be obtained from the same technological line.
    2. It will make greater use of water-based solvent extraction technology leading to
    improved economy and safety.
    3. It will increase yields and lower conversion costs at current yields. Savings will be
    achieved in both energy and solvent consumption. This will enable all of the existing
    range of Bioeffectives® to be produced for a lower cost.
    4. It will create the opportunity to extract a number of new Bioeffectives® with quite well
    defined properties from the same biomass used to obtain the current family of products.
    The overall economic impact will be lower production and laboratory operating costs, as well
    as less time and cost involved in constructing new Bioeffectives® production facilities. This is
    an important breakthrough for the company as it formulates plans for the establishment of
    new facilities in Russia, Western Europe, and the Pacific North West.
    It is planned that in due course, enhancements arising from this new invention will be
    incorporated into the SiBex production facility in Tomsk. The opening ceremony for this
    facility is planned for the third week of March and will involve dignitaries from the
    administration of Tomsk, Galenopharm, and the St Petersburg Forest Technical Academy.
    Solagran will be represented by its Operations Director, Mr Charles Pellegrino.
    It is also planned that the new technology will be incorporated into the much larger facility
    planned for the Tomsk Special Economic Zone.

    The plant is ugly both inside and out......fortunately the products bear no resemblance and are just beautiful.
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