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Forget about what's happened in the past, the most important...

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    Forget about what's happened in the past, the most important thing to focus on now is that Alto have finally finished sitting on the market.
    Below are the buy / sell stats from July 1. Note Pershing (acting for Alto) have sold a net 397m shares, by far the largest net seller.
    This week they have only sold only 4m, suggesting they are finally done.
    So now we can assume that a big seller sitting on the market is finally done, lets turn to the fundamentals & make a comparison with Adslot (ADS) the nearest listed peer.
    • Mkt cap: EN1 $12m / ADS $63m.
    • Cash: EN1 $3.4 (Aug) / ADS $5m (Jun).
    • Revenue: EN1 $10m as of July & since 65-70% of its revenues come in the half of the year (July – December) we can anticipate about $14m for this period, totalling $24m for the CY. This should see the company cashflow positive & profitable.
    • ADS have had revenue of about $3-4m per Q or an annualised $16m.
    • Conclusion: ADS have a valuation 5x higher than EN1 & with less revenue.
    • EN1 target price 3.5c (0.7c x 5) assuming they trade on a similar multiple to ADS, now the seller is out of the way.
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