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Hi CEO, I know what you mean about dcn, I've bought some moy...

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    Hi CEO, I know what you mean about dcn, I've bought some moy since it also cratered, what a cuccking falamity !
    For a short term punt, which means it will take two years , then delist. ..there after cashies blood!
    Not sure what misfortune will strike mml next, save Doug McClure wrestling with Godzilla down the agsao shaft.
    It's about the only Illfate we've not had.
    Back to Bru. .i can see a retest of 25 if oil doesn't get a move on. Will be end of July on a Bru (glacial) timescale. ..on the bright side several more dinosaurs will have decomposed. ..ready for some rap chopping.

    Old Trafford, my posh cousin , is going ...he lives in Slattocks! it , grammar school boy. ...and a filthy red!
    Not a proper inner city boy from 70s Hulme with ptsd that! ...season ticket in the kippax was aspirational!
    How I miss it, sun's out here.. .a run on the beach beckons .. .Cue the Stone Roses! Then several pints of tutboddingtons happen
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