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haha, thx TopDogg, but seems you got the wrong end of the...

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    haha, thx TopDogg, but seems you got the wrong end of the stick...!! Hard to know people's motivations / approach via a forum, but FYI I have been invested in STX for about 15 years. I have rarely sold and steady accumulated over the years, more so in the last 2, the the extent that I would be in the top 20 if I aggregated holdings. At an average cost base of sub 10c I am very happy with things are at. I am accumulating, not selling, because I believe the story and management - and I have a strong value orientated investment philosophy to the extent I absolutely do not chase the fast buck. The point of my post was along the lines of: if someone offered to sell WE-4 to me for $25m I would buy it in a flash as I think it's worth a LOT more than that, but Mr Market isn't taking it on. Why not? I find that frustrating, and that's all I am saying in my post. I know full well there are value adding steps to go along the way, but even you would have to say that this find should be worth more than $25m. Let's just say, at $600m market cap STX is about what AWE was sold for a few years ago, and I think our position is arguably stronger in terms of prospective tenancies, management, board, other value add activities. I reckon there's a lot to go yet, but I am allowed to ask why it's not being given the respect and value it deserves. It is a forum to exchange idea / thoughts after all. Hope this clarifies your perspectives on other peoples motivations. End of rant
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