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I’ll think you will see all financial packages Could be Bank...

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    I’ll think you will see all financial packages
    Could be
    Bank loan as they got
    Private investor
    And CR
    Could be all 3
    What I’m sure of that the launch will be slipping.
    now it was meant for early 2020
    But when speaking to Meir the first time he was hoping to get the 6U by the end of this year.

    That will definitely not happen now

    When I spoke to Meir the last time the day before Gomespace signed.
    I said you have passed your date of signing with Gomespace will this cause delays he said
    YES but it’s not like its slipping 6 months.

    Now they are going to try wrap this up fast so they will minimise the potential delay of launch.

    Down 300 k on this dog of a stock and although I still think they will get there in the end I’m glad I took back my $120,000 CR
    Because you never know and could not take the risk of loosing that also.
    IF they get the money I’ll top up on my holding but that $120,000 I put in at 3 c and took out would of gave me =4 mill shares on top of what I have.
    Im confident with just $100,000 I’ll be putting back in IF they get the money I’ll have closer to
    6 to 10 mill shares,
    And if another miracle happens and it gets to 5c
    But very very doubtful I’ll just get it at that price and I know at least it’s heading in right direction.

    Hope they get at least closer to 15 mill or else this headache will happen again
    End of the year or early next.
    15 mill will cover slipping launch
    Piece out
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