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"This request for the extension of the voluntary suspension will...

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    "This request for the extension of the voluntary suspension will enable SAS to finalise theappointment of two new Australian resident non-executive Directors with the requisite skills andexperience, and also complete a financing package to support the Company’s ongoingoperations and growth strategy."

    To me, this suggests...
    1. There will not be a CR and more dilution, as CRs are not usually considered "financial packages"
    2. The process of the "financial package" has already started.
    3. Obviously, 1st July means that shareholders cannot crystallize their tax losses.

    I expect the following to be announced prior to re-open 1st July...
    1. New directors with the skills and relevant experience to move the company forward (someone on the Telstra board would be nice).
    2. Confirmation that Funding package is completed to cover operational costs until revenue generation + funds for Gomspace to complete 6Us.
    3. Confirmation of order placed with Gomspace, with Gomspace confirming that payment has been received and project underway.
    4. New Company Update to confirm delivery date of the 1st batch of 6Us,

    Happy days ahead.
    Bottom drawer for now.
    See you in a month.
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