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5 seconds left on the clockogx 5 points down in the finalThe...

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    5 seconds left on the clock
    ogx 5 points down in the final

    The administrator has just bounced the ball RR has picked it up in the centre and hand passed it out
    of the pack to RC surrounded by Anglo Cartesian empire Magna and a Brazilian guy from the ATO

    Byass hasn’t been seen since half time
    off the ground with a fractured ego

    RC gathers the ball
    he’s lost his shirt, has been reported 3 times and has only one boot
    he looks for JG and finds him charging down the wing and bombs it towards him

    3 seconds left

    meanwhile q is in the commentators box and says the stats don’t add up and we have no chance of winning
    BJB isn’t at the game
    he told his friends to buy tickets but forgot to get one
    hes angrily watching TV at home on his own

    SJB and his mob have changed colours and are
    lost in the outer looking for someone to complain to about a refund

    JG takes a screamer over Cartesian 60 meters out
    and plays on

    1 second left

    he launches the ball towards goal from 55 on the run

    its in the air
    siren sounds
    it’s in the air on its way
    everyone is holding their breath

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