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Ann: Update on Status of Re-Compliance Listing, page-598

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    @cfp ......." I only deal in facts,"

    No you don't!! The entire post of yours is just a ramble without any facts nor links nor evidence.
    @cfp ....."these are just a couple of examples of your mistakes, I could get a list of them"

    I'm calling you out on that, please provide this list with the post number and exactly what I stated, fully quoted, where I've been proven wrong.

    @cfp ......."you cant get 1% cobalt in the DRC"

    let's start with that one, you have attributed me stating this many times but you have NEVER quoted me!! so prove it, find where I stated it!!

    I have never stated that in any post!!

    If you can't find any post of mine where I have stated such a thing, it just goes to prove that you are the one that makes stuff up.

    If you want to make any assertion about my posts then please quote from posts I've made.
    Stop making stuff up!!

    If you want credibility provide evidence, not just statements as if they are fact.

    Here is a link to the guidance note on "Significant Changes To Activities"

    It becomes very clear that ASX considers this a significant change in activities certainly under the "scale" part.
    Try and read such documents before accusing the ASX of moving the goalposts.
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