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SpecRafael 3D - an areal smaller footprint that I assume will be...

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    Rafael 3D - an areal smaller footprint that I assume will be stitched into the Ungani quilt so bangs per buck may make sense here (obviously did to Buru)

    Buru exploration focus - hopefully there is still some value/interest in the shallow clastic plays to spread the risk on the deeper dolomite plays. It depends on the results of Yakka Munga. I would suspect they are looking at everything.

    Onshore vs offshore
    Seismic - lateral variation of soil and multiples/absorption/water tables which are not an issue offshore make offshore data higher frequency with less noise and artifacts. Coupled with the fact that offshore 3D is much cheaper than onshore (less labour just tow everything and keep popping).
    Well Density - in the past at least there was more room to make a big prospect - getting harder
    Political Risk - green tax/tape is less offshore, depending on how rural the basin is there is less 'people' issues too offshore - this is one of the big reason the big boys are seldom seen onshore anymore.
    Size and Production rate - obviously the cost of drilling, development makes some smaller plays uneconomic offshore. What is sometimes forgotten is that the 'abandonment rate' (the bbls/day needed to pay for production) can be high (rented FPSO especially), so the field needs a very good reservoir.

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