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    re: Ann: Trafford to fully participate in Iro... Hi Ultratrademan

    As a new holder, I must say this is indeed exciting. I can't figure out how high this is going, because of the announcement yesterday, it is likely to put a rocket up the sp now as people figure out just how important all this coming together is

    Their interest in ROL, going great guns, the Ironclad announcement yesterday is brilliant - production in the 3rd quarter - just months away really!!

    "First production is targeted for the third quarter of the current year to take advantage of the strong demand for iron ore by Chinas rapidly expanding steel industry and the resulting high prices for sea borne iron ore. "

    Plus you then have even more reasons to jump onboard such as the entitlement in ROL shares! "Participation Open Till Close of Business 26th January 2010"

    So what will this do? It will keep the share price rising right up until 26th January, how good is that. 1 share in ROL for every 20 shares held in TRF

    Then you have the ownership in both ROL and IFE - ROL isn't sitting back on it's laurels, with recent brilliant gold results, and VERY small shares on issue - "Robust more than 60metres of continuous gold intersection"

    Amazing, sorry to sound a bit overexcited, but I am trying to figure out how I missed this before, and what kind of numbers we can expect over the coming weeks prior to the entitlement cut-off, then what the heck they will ALL be worth (especially TRF) prior to first production for IFE

    Thanks to Wayne72 for the summary yesterday which got me thinking past a quick trade on this one.
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