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    Exactly, they can buy and then sell onto market for profit instantly.

    Like all past CRs CAN has done, expect price to sink down to the CR price and then below. So looks like 27cents coming up for CAN.

    I remember getting mocked on this forum for suggesting that management would be putting their hands out for more cash soon, but even I wasnt expecting less than a year after they just got $40 mill, how about the holders that felt safe no CR was on the cards because of the bank facility, why they even need the extra cash given they did a raise less than a year ago and have a 50 mill bank draft facility, 90 more million not enough to get a third of the orginally planned greenhouse after 4 years and already spending over 100 mill. Where is this money actually going ? Shareholders really have nothing to show for it, Im sure all directors bank accounts are looking nice.
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Mkt cap ! $90.41M
Open High Low Value Volume
28.5¢ 28.5¢ 28.0¢ $22.92K 81.16K

Buyers (Bids)

No. Vol. Price($)
59 527263 28.0¢

Sellers (Offers)

Price($) Vol. No.
28.5¢ 190793 13
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28.0¢ 28.5¢ 28.0¢ 342450
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