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    Hourly chart. Accumulation channel (May 6 to May 21) from the swing low @ .057 (2nd hour of trade May 6) to the initial breakout from the channel which opened @ .075 (the previous days high) and closed the hour @ .079 having hit an hourly high @.082 and was then sold into. The initial breakout volume (first hour of Friday's trading) is repeated earlier in the accumulation phase multiple times (indicated by the pink arrows) so cannot be said to be abnormal, it is simply a breakout from the channel on repeated previous volume where this time demand has overwhelmed supply. The indication this could possibly happen is evident in the previous days' (Thursday) final hour of trade. The 3rd hour of Fridays' trading (indicated by green arrow) is a pinbar and the demand was met with heavy supply with the hourly opening @ .088 and closing @ .09 after reaching a high of .099 then being sold into and traded +/- 15m shares for the hour. This suggests that supply was not removed but again demand simply outstripped supply which tried and failed which is apparent in the next 2 hours of trade before trade was eventually suspended. Note the evident 'soak' in the middle of the chart for 4 days where volume drops right off to take the heat out of the rising RSI before accumulating begins with volume again. I love this stuff. Don't claim to be an expert on it by any means but by learning as much as I can about it it at least gave me the confidence to take a 2nd buy @ .059 in the strong belief it was in the early stages of accumulation (using a shorter timeframe) from the pullback after I initially bought in @ .07 for an averaged .064. With 50000m of drilling to come and company cashed up happy to sit and watch this play out.


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