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I am a bit perplexed as to why DGR would do a capital raising at...

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    I am a bit perplexed as to why DGR would do a capital raising at this time. Our share price was about to rise with SOLG achieving over 100% rise over the last week while DGR's value had risen by 20%. We're in a lock down so it cannot go any where until details of CR becomes known. A capital raise will not be used to buy into SOLGs required 150million pound as NM has already indicated that that will be achieved in selling gold, copper, silver, etc achieved when the mining starts. Therefore, presumably it will be used to support DGR's administration, wages and daughter companies' costs.

    We have 10% of SOLG and a capital raising will not increase our interest in SOLG one iota and therefor it will have a huge negative affect on the shares currently on issue. ! billion shares currently on issue = 10.6% of SOLG and 1 billion plus shares from CR will still equal same %.

    All this occurring when a take over of SOLG is on the cards and when that happens, there will be plenty of money for DGR and our daughter companies Mather has a guaranteed bonanza when SOLG is sold from his shares and bonus options. Ordinary DGR holders will only get their share from a dividend granted by our BOD while leaving a large amount in DGR's account. Less than 5% of money from takeover of ORBS was distributed to DGR shareholders as a dividend!

    Why is he mudding up the waters for DGR shareholders? Could it be to confuse potential take over offers for DGR? The games he is playing has not been to the benefit of all DGR shareholders. The question Mather was asked referred to which shares he would recommend buying in either SOLG and DGR, and his comment was to buy SOLG.

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