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1. Ultimately if it is a strategic investor, hopefully it is...

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    1. Ultimately if it is a strategic investor, hopefully it is non-Chinese and an investor, if known, the market likes (one who generally holds long term and is renowned in the market for making money). If it is a short term strategic investor type well the announcement will be seen as just hype and the outcomewill not be good for shareholders.

    2. Preferably, much preferably, would be better if the investor is a renowned player in the (lithium) mining sector (i.e. an existing producer) or in the chemicals conversion sector. Preferably non-Chinese to put a contestable market in place to ensure the Chinese show their hand and end any games been played (if their are games been played here, as we think). This will be the best catalyst on SP.

    So lets hope it is not one of those CRs which simply gives a discount to a strategic investor with short term hold status. That would be the worst outcome.

    We are coming to the pointy end of FA analysis - the next 6 months will determine whether AVZ can get to market with a initial 2 to 3 mtpa ore feed facility for production commencement 2022 (as suspect that is the actual target when AVZ talks 2021/22, because I still think 2022/23). Before ramping up to 5mtpa configuration 2025 - 2027.

    AVZ was stated to be funded to DFS so the other question is what is this money to be used for - pay for the 5% equity stakes we are hoping to take from the other JV partners (or further testwork/processes)? The only thing that makes sense with this CR, and to give market comfort, is either this or simply (as per point 2 above) someone wants in now to have their place at the Table.

    So it is Tuesday which will show where AVZ is at to the above.

    All IMO

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