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Can’t wait to hear the next batch of bs to attempt to inflate...

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    Can’t wait to hear the next batch of bs to attempt to inflate the pathetic 1c share price. Magna won’t be happy already with the SP 20% below their conversion price and 100% below the 2c limit when he originally signed the deal with them.

    Also interesting to note that TS referred to FT as a mate in the linked article in the other post despite him supposedly taking him to
    court over the 20 million he still owes CFE and it has been years

    Can’t possibly imagine TS has anything of interest to announce, surely he must know by now that no-one is listening to his spin anymore.

    Even his paid advertising with proactive investors does nothing, and how many times can you go on trading halt with promises of a deal being reached to find out you just managed to hold onto the asset(sceptical if it is an asset sounds more liability to me)

    I think until he gets real, cuts all the bs talk, cuts his inflated salary plus rents and starts hitting some of his targets this is dead, can’t see any sensible investor touching this when the market is full of opportunities without the risk.

    Still shaking my head that such a once good company with great prospects plus assets and a CEO that seemed to be on the ball, has turned into a cashless 1c company without any real prospects and a ceo that appears to do nothing except milk it for all it’s worth.

    There is a tiny chance a rabbit may come out of a hat, but very unlikely.

    Good luck to all whatever your position!
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