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Folks, stop trying to create smoke and mirrors.  The continuous...

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    Folks, stop trying to create smoke and mirrors.  The continuous disclosure obligations under the asx listing rulings require so much explanation, the associated guidance notes around what you are referring to is a document of 80+ pages....and you are really trying to infer something about the company with only one or two lines around this stuff?

    The document itself even needs to go as far as defining "what immediately means" and amongst a multitude of other information articulates"
    ASX recognises that how quickly an entity can give an announcement of particular information to ASX will be dictated by the circumstances confronting it at the time. Relevant factors may include: • where and when the information originated; • the forewarning (if any) the entity had of the information; • the amount and complexity of the information concerned; • the need in some cases to verify the accuracy or bona fides of the information; • the need for an announcement to be carefully drawn so that it is accurate, complete and not misleading;47 • the need in some cases for an announcement to comply with specific legal or Listing Rule requirements, such as the requirement for an announcement that relates to mining or oil and gas activities to comply with Chapter 5 of the Listing Rules; 48 and • the need in some cases for an announcement to be approved by the entity’s board"

    In the context of ECTs current scenario, either decision from NMDC easily puts them into considerations relating to the above, not least so around "the need for an announcement to be carefully drawn" given the persistence of behaviours from commentators on this stock who try and sow doubt into almost every word used in each announcement, combined with the choice the company has made to engage with those very behaviours on this forum ( not a judgment, merely a point that I think exposes them a bit more around trolling risks that are so prevalent ).

    So if some are really concerned around why it's not so quick on providing a response to the market in the time that they think is appropriate, regardless of whether it is a simple yes or no, then maybe these same people need to change their very behaviours around how they dissect each and every announcement that comes out... except that probably isn't really the agenda here.
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