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Thanks for the confirmation on this HGIQ, and for taking...

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    Thanks for the confirmation on this HGIQ, and for taking your time in sharing.  Given this was dated on Jan 8, it also shows one of the items the company was focused on after the meeting, amongst probably a host of other things (minutes, action follow-ups, notifying a multitude of other parties about outcomes of other various agenda items (for consideration) on the agenda... ).  They are probably still going through this list of items which of course could plausibly include speaking to our company informally before being able to provide something further in writing.  In my experience even 1 hour meetings sometimes take ages before the outcomes and follow-ups are actioned out of them.  Maybe we all suffer a bit from "millennial-syndrome" (regardless of our age) when we expect some things to transpire immediately, and then crack it when we don't get what we want... I know I catch myself on this sometimes.

    I don't doubt if Warren Buffett had dinner at anyone's place on the ECT threads, there would be a risk he may need to cancel and reschedule a number of times depending on other priorities he would need to contend with, but still would be worth it once he finally was able to attend.

    Thanks again

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