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Perhaps I'm missing something, and someone better informed may...

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    Perhaps I'm missing something, and someone better informed may enlighten me, but why would we need a trading halt to announce a new offtake partner, PLS have done this recently and made other price sensitive announcements without trading halts.

    Numerous other listed Companys make announcements that are price sensitive and important without a trading halt, I seem to remember our last trading halt was a whole lot of hot air about nothing, which I might add the Directors gave us scan little information about other than to say that it wasn't in out best interest to persue it, and that was when we were trading at .48 cents.

    We also had a trading halt due to a please explain from the ASX, and we were sent to the naughty corner for a short period due to the directors releasing unsubstantuated results, another balls up.

    Well I don't get it, unless the roof is falling in, or your trying to stem a total collapse of your share price, there must be a substantial announcement pending, or just another whole lot of hot air about nothing.

    Im betting on the latter.

    See if this one gets moderated, like the last post when I dared to suggest the Directors weren't telling us someting, that was the day before to trading halt, go figure !!
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