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ann this week

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    finally got office
    they say should be Ann this week
    containing maybe a few things
    FP and maybe others
    wouldnt elaborate !

    OK lets look at what we should get

    3D, Yes we know it will be this
    FP2, drill....maybe, "should be"
    if we are to get the 3D report then
    its a no brainer to get comment on a spud month
    Bongo, I think ..........yes
    ADX progress on escort rig..Possible

    So in all this coming Ann will be a SP

    IMO we may see 2.5c on FP2 alone

    Lets hope ADX also comes in this week!
    This drill alone can see VIL in the 9c league
    if they hit. .,..NOT LONG NOW !
    good luck to all holders.

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