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I was thinking how to do a wolf whistle on an online forum so...

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    I was thinking how to do a wolf whistle on an online forum so there you go. I'm very good at it off line,.

    The tech report and UniSA to me just further validate the integrity of the technology, but to me still the public in general will just be ignorant as ever until there is a a massive bounce in the SP, then they will be oh yeah knew that all the time. Surveys show 85% of the population "don't " know what IOT is , when the cats out of the bag and people absorb it IOT will explode it already is compounding as we speak and will be thrust upon the masses as technology runs its own course , not dictated by ignorance.
    Just want to throw my 2cents worth in about that roosta from the states having a go about the video of Xped. I really liked it and could see it was sincere , in fact that helped me be a stake holder.
    I really trust Wood, Shultz and Stefanac they are not up themselves , are talented and look like they are doing their best most different from other heads of public listed companies.
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