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SB. I agree.I posted similar thoughts...while the valve market...

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    SB. I agree.

    I posted similar thoughts...while the valve market is lucrative and a slice or large chunk is the ultimate dream.....it will soon become a nightismare if the coy goes broke while trying to achieve that.

    in a parralel world......parralel world ADMEDUS has paused the TAVR research and directed the associated funds to the other costs of supporting the primary direction of the company...to produce market and sell ADAPT products....cardiocel...( adult and paed) vasculacel and cardiocel 3D.

    once the future and viability of the company has been confirmed with increasing sales and there is surplus funds, investment in the TAVR space will occur....

    is it such a shame to delay research into the TAVR space for a year or two( or 3). The edge ( as i see it)
    we have is the ADAPT technology. Theoretically...that should not change...so the advantage is here today ...tomorrow and beyond.

    a superior TAVR made from ADAPT technology with all the benifits it brings will be a huge improvement for the public.......but i would hate to see it being sold by someone with ADMEDUS. A distant memory....and that I see as a risk.

    Also, I agree with your comment...msybe just provide the CC for an existing valve producer.(s)...and consider develop our own once the climate is right.

    if the CC makes such a difference to valve performance.....it may be the valve material of choice by all manufacturers. And if not......a supply deal with a valve manufacturer is not a bad option.....and positive alternative to the unpleasant potential.

    a smaller slice of the pie.....but somehow is bettervthan none.

    customer receipts have been down the last 2 q....I hope that doesn't continue......

    6 sleeps and we will know.

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