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This is my first post, apologies in advance for the rant. To ECT...

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    This is my first post, apologies in advance for the rant.

    To ECT mgmt. I have been a holder of ESI/ECT for a year or so now.

    The function of the market is to define fair value based on information, the trading halt and now a suspension is stopping that process. The trading halt was clearly ill informed, as were previous TH's IMO. Another board meeting fails to achieve the desired outcome of ECT mgmt. & shareholders...Regardless i should have the right to manage my position based on that information. Now i need to wait until April Fools which point the market will express weeks of information at once...and likely overacts one way or the other .

    I'm a long holder, that's was my decision to invest and i accept the outcome of investing in high risk stocks. Honestly, i'll probably remain a holder as my exposure is not massive outright or from a portfolio perspective and the technology and story is sound.

    But i object to ECT mgmt. stopping me from making decisions based on new information. I object enough to make my first ever post on any form of social media.....

    These ill informed trading halts, inability to meet self imposed market announcement (LV), poor communication post board meetings is eroding market confidence and participation. If ECT is successful in meeting financial closure this month (rapidly decreasing probability) I don't think the share price will meet many of the lofty expectations on this forum.

    Keep it simple. Keep communication clear & concise. Keep control of what you can control. Keep to your self imposed dead lines - this just annoys me and creates unnecessary issues you can control. I expect my kids to do what they say they are going to do...... Have the hard conversation with our Indian partners. As one poster fast. Don't drag out an untenable relationship. Finally. Don't be silent, get on the front foot and communicate and convince myself and other shareholder to hold.

    Markets operate on information and participants deserve the right to act based on that...let price reflect performance, as harsh a judge as that may be... learn and move on.

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