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Can't even find the post where you told me "these are the...

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    Can't even find the post where you told me "these are the facts", something about the company can't yet announce that the elf incentive scheme is all taken up etc etc. They calling shareholders to take up incentive cause they concerned about us and don't want us to miss out.
    Curious what those facts were?? and where you heard about them.
    I still believe you are mixing facts with wishful or positive thinking.
    I still hope you are right in your positivity but I for one have lost ALL confidence in this deal with NMDC and NLCIL and believe the only hope to salvage my investment is if somehow the company can do a deal in Australia that can push the SP up to around 2.5c before ELF expires.
    Good luck with your positive thinking
    Good luck to all shareholders , we gonna need all the luck we can get.

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