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Thanks @foocaBoth agreements are not compete. You says so...

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    Thanks @fooca

    Both agreements are not compete. You says so yourself, they (at least the HOA) can't be complete until WFE recomply and relist on the ASX. Unless...... (being renegotiated for a different exchange IMO)
    Ok, so the answer to my question is quite simple:

    No - you haven't read the HOA.
    No, I am suggesting that these agreements already are being renegotiated, and probably have been for some time.

    I won't comment on what other posters are bidding. My personal opinion is it's likely the LSE, which has already been announced as the intent. So renegotiation of the HOA with AHIC is (IMO) will be conditional on listing on the LSE. Of course, I have not read the HOA either, so who knows (neither you, nor I, nor anyone posting here as it would need to be announced)?

    So IMO, the costs for listing on another exchange has likely been paid many months ago. Admin costs were a bit higher the previous quarter, so finances could have been accrued already. Alternatively, financing could be part of a renegotiation to list on another exchange for all I (we) know.

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