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Well spotted Frank some excerpts (roughly translated) The...

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    Well spotted Frank

    some excerpts (roughly translated)

    The Variscan Mines company recently applied for a fifth exploration permit in Brittany.
    Unsurprisingly, the Beaulieu permit in Loire-Atlantique aims to exploit the tin resources. It however extends through the north-central department of Guemene-Penfao in Saint-Sulpice des Landes where various ores were mined or prospected between the eighteenth and the immediate postwar period. The tin mine Abbaretz itself, the best known and most visible - since the heap Abbaretz is the highlight of the Loire-Atlantique (121 meters above sea level, five more the hill Brétèche Ferce that it is natural) has chu because operators have failed to correctly anticipate the tin content in the rock - at the time, it was difficult - allowed to recognize, however, significant levels of tin around. Especially at a place called " the Bé 'in Nozay where a small tin exploitation was made before and after the First World War until 1921, although it remained interrupted and the ore on site.

    A Silfiac, in the center of Brittany, they are concentrations of lead and zinc prospect What Variscan. More precisely, in the municipality of Plélauff, in Côtes d'Armor, more known for his church without a steeple with three bells ... but long supported by trees and now held by a concrete structure; Breton kind of adaptation of orthodox chime. There, in the zinc, there is also germanium. Another strategic metal. Transparent in the infrared, it is used in optics, electronics and fiber optics. Significant concentrations of germanium were observed Plénauff " of the order of 500 to 600 grams per tonne ".
    Variscan no plans to file other research permit applications: it already has eight in France, awarded three (Merléac, Saint-Pierre-Montlimart and Tennie). All are oriented on strategic metals, except that of Saint-Pierre-Montlimart in Mauges Angevin, which is a potential gold deposit, and where, moreover, the yellow metal was mined from 1895 to the early 1950s at the castle the Bellière. The company is not interested either uranium or oil or coal: "the economy is faltering, the disastrous social perception ". However he believes that there is room for others: " Britain is full of gold occurrences
    At Dompierre, in Ille-et-Vilaine, Variscan search of tin and tungsten, the latter metal being priority since it is part of the " strategic metal ... The other Côtes d'Armor research permit, in Loc-Envel, is also focused on tungsten. " There are many small veins that were mined in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in the corner. Furthermore it can be based on the Elf Aquitaine prospecting which found in large concentrations in the 1970 "The levels are indeed important" in the order of 1%, so we get to use from 0.4%
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