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Ann: SSH: MVN: SSH Notice - Salt Funds Management Limited

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    • Release Date: 09/02/15 10:22
    • Summary: SSH: MVN: SSH Notice - Salt Funds Management Limited
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    09/02/2015 10:22
    REL: 1022 HRS Methven Limited
    SSH: MVN: SSH Notice - Salt Funds Management Limited
    Disclosure of beginning to have substantial holding
    Section 22, Securities Markets Act 1988
    To: NZX Limited
    And: Methven Limited
    Date this disclosure made: 9 February 2015
    Substantial security holder(s) giving disclosure
    Name(s): Salt Funds Management Limited
    Contact details: Anthony Sowerby, +64 9 967 7276
    Date on which substantial security holder(s) began to have substantial
    holding: 5 February 2015
    Summary of substantial holding to which disclosure relates
    Class of listed voting securities: Ordinary Share-security code MVN
    Summary for: Salt Funds Management Limited
    For this disclosure,--
    (a) total number held in class: 5,691,854
    (b) total in class: 72,773,410
    (c) total percentage held in class: 7.821%
    Details of relevant interests currently in substantial holding
    Details for: Salt Funds Management Limited
    Nature of relevant interest(s): Investment Manager
    For that relevant interest,--
    (a) number held in class:
    (b) percentage held in class:
    (c) current registered holder(s) of securities: unknown
    (d) registered holder(s) of securities once transfers registered: As
    above - see Annexure 1
    Details of transactions and events giving rise to person beginning to have
    substantial holding
    The purchase of 2,071,667 ordinary shares on market for $1.15 per share.
    Additional information
    Nature of connection between substantial security holders: Not applicable
    Address of substantial security holder:
    Level 3, The Imperial Buildings
    44 Queen Street
    Auckland 1050
    Name of any other person believed to have given, or believed to be required
    to give, a disclosure under the Act in relation to the securities to which
    this disclosure relates: Not applicable
    I, Anthony Sowerby, declare that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, the
    information contained in this disclosure is correct and that I am duly
    authorised to make this disclosure by all persons for whom it is made.
    End CA:00260404 For:MVN    Type:SSH        Time:2015-02-09 10:22:43
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