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Ann: SSH: IFT: SSH Notice - Jonathan Davis

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    04/02/2015 11:48
    REL: 1148 HRS Infratil Limited
    SSH: IFT: SSH Notice - Jonathan Davis
    Disclosure of beginning to have substantial holding
    Section 276, Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013
    To NZX Limited
    To Infratil Limited
    Date this disclosure made: 4 February 2015
    Date on which substantial holding began: 2 February 2015
    Substantial product holder(s) giving disclosure
    Full Name(s): Jonathan Davis
    Summary of substantial holding to which disclosure relates
    Class of quoted voting products: Ordinary Shares (IFT)
    Summary for: Jonathan Davis
    For this disclosure,--
    (a) Total number held in class:  64,945,035
    (b) Total in class:    561,875,237
    (c) Total percentage held in class:  11.559%
    Details of relevant interests
    Details for Jonathan Davis
    Nature of relevant interest(s):
    Beneficial owner of securities under Section 235(1)(b) of the Financial
    Markets Conduct Act
    No relevant agreement document needs to be attached under regulation 139.
    For that relevant interest,--
    (a) Number held in class: 1,667
    (b) Percentage held in class: 0.0003%
    (c) Current registered holder(s): unknown
    (d) Registered holder(s) once transfers are registered: unknown
    Details for Accident Compensation Corporation ("ACC")
    Nature of relevant interest(s):
    Qualified powers to exercise control of rights to vote and of acquisition or
    disposal of some or all of the financial products, of which the Accident
    Compensation Corporation ("ACC") is the beneficial owner under Section
    235(1)(c)and 235(1)(d) of the Financial Markets Conduct Act. Further to
    regulation 139(2)(b), the material terms of this arrangement are that powers
    are subject to ACC investment policies and the decisions of the ACC
    Investment Committee.
    For that relevant interest,
    (a) Number held in class:  64,945,035
    (b) Percentage held in class:  11.558%
    (c) Current registered holder(s): held by ACC via New Zealand Central
    Securities Depository Limited (NZCSD)
    (d) Registered holder(s) once transfers are registered: unknown
    Details of transactions and events giving rise to substantial holding
    Details of the transactions or other events requiring disclosure:
    The commencement of employment of Jonathan Davis by ACC as an equity analyst
    on 2 February 2015, and the aggregation of interests in financial products
    held by Jonathan Davis and ACC.
    Additional information
    Address of substantial product holder(s): ACC: Justice Centre, 19 Aitken
    Street, PO Box 242, Wellington, New Zealand
    Contact details: Matthew Cunliffe   +64 4 816 5743
    [email protected]
    Nature of connection between substantial product holders: Jonathan Davis is
    an employee and equity analyst for ACC. Under current ACC investment
    policies, they have the discretion to exercise control over some or all the
    rights to vote and acquisition or disposal of some or all of the financial
    products of which ACC is the beneficial owner.
    Name of any other person believed to have given, or believed to be required
    to give, a disclosure under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 in
    relation to the financial products to which this disclosure relates: n/a
    I, Matthew Cunliffe, certify that, to the best of my knowledge and belief,
    the information contained in this disclosure is correct and that I am duly
    authorised to make this disclosure by all persons for whom it is made.
    End CA:00260310 For:IFT    Type:SSH        Time:2015-02-04 11:48:43
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