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Hi Driven, welcome on board the roller coaster. As per Scorpio's...

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    Hi Driven, welcome on board the roller coaster. As per Scorpio's post FNT was on a sweet deal a few years back prior to the GFC when we have JV's in place at three sites with OK TED and Newcrest and were climbing towards $1 per share. We hit 42c prior to the melt down and then the JV's thinned out. Next the gold price crashed the the rest folded to save money and our SP crashed. Peter McNeil managed to keep the leases running through CR's and we then took Forise on board last year with a $6M buy in and basically take over as PM is no longer on the board. We have three main leases which are all promising with hi grade gold detected at all.

    Bugalo is out oldest in the Hel province. Its a fly in job so hard to get to but great grades. This is one of the leases we are seeking a JV. Last year Anglo America tookout a lease totally surounding Bugalo valley and are looking for copper. Bugalo has great gold greats and also indicates for great copper and I am hoping for them to come knocking on our door some time soon. PM has been all through this area and Bugalo is where the mineralisation is so it's the pearl in the oyster.
    "The 1.8 km wide x 2.5 km long Idawe‐Bulago porphyry intrusive complex is host to copper‐gold‐molybdenum mineralisation and has been partly drill tested with nine historical diamond drillholes for 3,103 metres (Figure 3, refer to ASX Announcements dated 11th January and 31st July 2017). From historical airborne magnetic data (Figure 4), the Idawe intrusive appears to have an extensive alteration halo extending up to 1 km outwards and up to 2.8 km wide by 4.7 km long. This demonstrates the very large nature of Idawe‐Bulago porphyry complex; its potential for significant volumes of mineralisation and its influence on the nearby Swit Kai high grade gold prospect, where drilling intersected 1.1m at 79.18 g/t gold, including a 0.4m intercept averaging 181 g/t gold (refer to ASX release dated 10th April 2017). "

    Muller is another hi grade zone but we have not drilled here yet. PM had someone interested in this ground and I am hoping the new board is maintaining this direction.

    Update and PlannedMuller Exploration

    14th December 2017Explorationresults at Tingi by previous explorers (released to ASX 3rd May2016) include:

    o Strong gold in soil anomalies (including 90m of 2.14 g/t gold, toa high of 6.09 g/t gold), plus strong lead-zinc ridge soil anomalies (including390m of 0.17% lead + 0.33% zinc) on the northern half of the main target,reflecting stratabound base metal skarn mineralisation along the base of theDarai Limestone. The tropical setting may have leached copper from thesurficial soils and rocks and provided low copper assay results.

    o A 250m x 200m soil–rock chip anomaly (>300 ppm copper and>0.1 g/t gold) was delineated coincident with phyllic-altered diorite.

    o Gold assays from float rock include 30 g/t gold, 12 g/t gold and4.9 g/t gold.

    o Outcrop rock grab samples include 1.1g/t gold + 0.26% copper +0.29% lead + 8.8% zinc and 3.72g/t gold + 1.55% zinc + 0.53 g/t lead.

    o Pyrite altered quartzite outcrops had assays to 0.97 g/t gold + 58g/t silver + 0.24% copper, that probably represents low sulphidation epithermalquartz-sulphide gold + copper mineralisation that formed marginal to theporphyry copper-gold intrusions.

    o Channel sampling along strike of Jerry’s skarn (6m thick x 30mlong + an additional 50m in gossan outcrop to the southwest) returned anaverage for 20 non-continuous outcrop channel samples of 1.18g/t gold. A totalof 15 x 2m channel samples were taken with best results of 2m continuous chipsampling showing 28m of 0.78 g/t gold including 2m of 4.36g/t gold and 2m of2.58g/t gold.

    o 10m of polymetallic massive sulphide assayed 3.3 g/t gold + 0.12%copper + 0.8% lead+ 1.9% zinc, within potassically and phyllicly altereddiorite, representing a feeder for the base metal skarn mineralisation.

    o 24m zone of andesite porphyry 0.085% copper with up to 10% pyrite+ minor chalcocite.

    A 3m channel sample of brecciated massivesulphide magnetite skarn at the andesite porphyry / Darai Limestone contactassayed 1.17 g/t gold + 33 g/t silver + 0.16% copper + 1.80% lead + 3.50% zinc


    The EL consist of 4 discrete blocks (the PNG Mining Act allows retention of 3 non-contiguous blocks), has an area of 330 km2 and is located in the highly geologically Prospective Fold/Thrust Belt of PNG, along strike from the Ok Tedi Mine and Frontier's Bulago Project (Figure 1); it contains (NW to SE): Two known drill ready porphyry occurrences at Tingi and Baia (never drilled). A possible high sulphidation/ intrusive related gold Prospect, with a possible buried porphyry copper-gold-molybdenum target at Cecilia River. Copper in stream anomalies in the structural zone to/at the Mt Sisa volcanic centre.The Tingi Intrusive Complex is exposed over a 4 sq.km area making it a significant sized porphyry intrusive complex. Tingi is strikingly similar in tectonic setting, size, geology and mineralisation to the Ok Tedi porphyry copper-gold deposit. The main difference is the level of erosion, with Tingi being less eroded than Ok Tedi and therefore almost totally preserved.

    Market Announcements Platform 12th April 2017
    Rights Issue Prospectus Issued to Raise Capital for Exploration at the Gazelle ELA (Former Sinivit Gold Mine)

    We are also second in line to attain the Gazelle ELA EL 2515 which contains the former Sinivit Gold Mine in East New Britain.
    The former Sinivit Mine area contains a total of approximately 217,000 ounces of Indicated and Inferred resources of gold, grading 3.93 g/t, that is hosted in 1.7 million tonnes of ore.

    Thirty-eight historic diamond core drill holes have assays for tellurium associated with the potentially economic oxide and sulphide gold intercepts. Significant downhole intercepts associated with sulphide resources (unmined) include hole 87WDD040A with 4.2m grading 12.50 g/t gold + 725 ppm tellurium + 12.5 g/t silver (148.6m to 152.8m), PLUS 13.5m grading 8.56 g/t gold + 505 ppm tellurium + 9.9 g/t silver (164.55m to 178.05m) and 86WDD017 with 1.45m grading 21.7 g/t gold + 1,550 ppm tellurium + 25 g/t silver (82.75m to 84.2m). Oxide resources (mined and now in the vats) included 86WDD021 with 14.7m grading 11.10 g/t gold + 1156 ppm tellurium + 14.1 g/t silver (7.15m to 21.85m).Forty-three RC drill hole composite samples from inside the Northern and Central Oxide pits were re-assayed by the former operator for tellurium. The Northern Oxide pit had highlights of 6.0m of 27.68 g/t gold + 1,980 ppm tellurium, 12.0m of 4.01 g/t gold + 590 ppm tellurium and 8.0m of 16.43 g/t gold + 610 ppm tellurium. The Central Oxide Pit had highlights of 4.0m of 57.3 g/t gold + 1,640 ppm tellurium, 6.0m of 10.05 g/t gold + 980 ppm tellurium and 2m of 15.85 g/t gold + 1,430 ppm tellurium.Testwork on a Banka drilled composite sample from the vats returned a size fraction screened weighted average grade of 2.36 g/t gold + 132ppm tellurium. This is a preliminary estimate of what remains in the vats. Approximately 54 % of the remaining gold was noted in the fraction greater than 2 mm. The weighted average of all in pit RC drill holes analysed for tellurium is 264m grading 355 ppm, or more than double the average estimated to remain in the vats (by limited analyses from Banka drilling).The testing indicated tellurium would require an acid leach and subsequent gold leaching would require a basic leach. There has been little metallurgical testing to determine the process required for optimum treatment of the primary sulphide resource, however, it will likely require a specific primary ore floatation circuit. Initially the feed for the new sulphide circuit could be obtained from the ore remaining in the vats, with the vats then utilised as tailings dams. New tailings storage facilities would be required if/when the sulphide resource comes into production.The Kankberg underground Mine in Sweden contains a reserve of 2,880,000 tonnes grading 4.1g/t gold (380,000 ounces) + 186 ppm tellurium and this seems comparable to Sinivit. The US Geological Survey lists Kankberg as one of the only mines in the world with tellurium as a direct product.

    There is plenty more but hopefully this gives you a picture.



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