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    Hey Sockpuppet, those posts from 2017 were very interesting.

    They were producing less oil ack then, 600 as compared to a bit over 700 bopd now.
    The price for their oil was US $45 compared to around US $60 now.

    And the share price varied between .3 cents and went to .6 cents at the end of 2017. And there were lots of options outstanding at ,4 cents and .6 cents.

    So Bunian 5 could be a big break with the past with a doubling of the oil production.

    Because the company (Tino) talks of doubling oil production I do tend to use it as a likely outcome, Bunion 5 is not a wildcat but a production well out of the same oil pool.

    I am expecting flow rates early next week so soon we should no exactly what we have. Everything else is filling in the boredom of having to wait to know if holding BAS shares has been a good idea or not. Personally I like the odds.

    BAS has been badgering away at this for a few years and with the help of improved oil prices is now debt free, and hopefully has gained knowledge of the local oil systems to successfully ramp up oil production.

    The market will notice if the oil production doubles next week and there are more wells in the planning stages to be drilled.

    Interesting week ahead.

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