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Oh I get it. When someone picks up a few bargains and others...

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    Oh I get it.
    When someone picks up a few bargains and others lose 40% of their paper holdings the one who picks up the bargain is the worst in the world.
    Now you are telling me what I should have done.

    Exceptional trader?
    Not sure how you come up with that.
    Its not my fault you loaded up last week and I loaded up today.
    I loaded up today because IMO FAR have a great chance of being taken over.

    I am sorry I never sold last week like you suggested and you really do not need to feel sorry for me as I am a nice position ATM.
    You need to remember its my money and I will do what I think is best with it.
    I expect a mass of posts after the news sinks in where blame will be directed, just like in the past where some need to find a scapegoat for their investment decisions, good or bad.

    Your comments to me are nothing more than sour grapes but of course you are just as entitled to vent your spleen as Philip321 did to Cosmo for absolutely no reason but their own disappointment.
    Now you have vented it you can now put me on ignore as your comments are baseless and emotional.
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