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Max, Labour costs to CuDeco have dropped.: in illustration by...

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    Labour costs to CuDeco have dropped.: in illustration by $20,000 for truck drivers. One near new truck has been purchased for $45,000 [ normal cost $1.3 million}. This is possible because of the present economic conditions in the mining industry. Wayne said that the current mining fleet is performing well but it may be an opportune time to purchase more trucks. The $45,000 purchase price is equivalent to a maintenance cost.
    Another mining company [ the name escapes me ] has approached CuDeco regarding a deal on Wilgar.
    From memory ,I think a figure of $2.40 a tonne can be saved by using the logistics company which has its own port facility. CuDeco thus makes that saving by not doing the handling of the transportation itself and does not need to spend the $50 million on its own rail and port facilities.
    Other mining companies have been approaching CuDeco . The court case in respect to the crusher is expected to proceed later in the year [ I think I heard December ].
    It was Glencore that approached CuDeco and wants more ore but no satisfactory deal has resulted . There has only been one shipment. Wayne was pleased that the processing of the 22,000 tonne shipment to Ernest Henry confirmed tests results done in the laboratory.
    The Chinese delegation had spent the past three days at Rocklands.
    CuDeco will only have 12 hour daylight shifts as efficiency falls away at night.
    Wayne had only got back from overseas tired but in jovial mood when in discussion with me. We had a good laugh together. He made my day.
    I have probably missed a bit as there were quite a number of questions and I did not take notes. Caught up with five other Hot Copper posters ;two from interstate. The meeting was well attended.
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