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Ann: Response to ASX Queries, page-31

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    Have read the announcement in its entirety and it would appear that the ' Egg ' actually can be unscrambled - Why is that not a surprise for some. To me it just goes to show the calibre of commercial talent that's out there vis-a-vis commercial Barristers , Corporate Lawyers and Accountants who actually know what is achievable. Nothing to do with this Hot Copper syndicate. This is talent that obviously the ASX will never know and could only dream of having on their own books - again not these posters from HC.

    Appears to me the only ' Egg ' leftover will be that which will firmly be planted on the ASX's face.

    I mean common folks - take for example in their last foray of Q&A's - they really did look like they were clutching at last attempts to dig up anything. Stuff they should have known and advised the market participants at the beginning of their query's - if truth be known they actually knew.

    I was half expecting the Argentinian nominee holder to next be found as a convicted Murderer and a well known Felon. Total Soap Opera come Greek Tragedy whereby the ASX completely dropped their bundle and forgot their lines. A bit like when someone tells a joke but completely stuffs up the punch line and leaves people standing there thinking .....are we suppose to laugh now - LOL

    And as I am a shareholder , I reckon I am totally within my rights to have this view. And would like to re-iterate that I was never one of the shareholders who said HDY was done and dusted whereas some who are still posting were. Best of Luck and that's all I will add until we re-list..... smile.png

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