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My only concern at this particular point in time is that even...

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    My only concern at this particular point in time is that even though EMH has been de-risked to an extent, this late rise has been happening with no news from the company but just a YouTube video, and 99 percent of the time when a share rises on no specific news it drops back like a meteor when the profit taking start taking place and the rest gets spooked. Hopefully we will get something in the next couple of weeks otherwise I don't see it being sustained. We are still far from any substantial news like the completion of the DFS, or the environmental study approval or the final mining permit. I don't blame LawrenceH for having sold, especially at a profit. We are in this game to make money not to lose money. I had a big parcel at some point in time and didn't pocket more than 100k of real money in profit. The outcome was that I sold more than half at a loss and kept only 30k shares which now sit at a 100 percent profit and which I should probably cash in to make for the previous losses. But as I was lucky with the parcel that I sold here and I invested in MSB at a very low price and reached a 3 bagger and just yesterday announced a worldwide collaboration with Novartis, I will hold on to these remaining 30k shares that I first bought them four years ago. I will probably buy again here when I will see what the DFS is all about and I don't care what the share price will be if the contents are good. But in the mean time I am happy with the 30k shares that I hold. No financial advice whatsoever, DYOR always.
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