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    You've had a go at me and many others regarding blackout periods since a year ago..
    I don't understand why you keep harping on about it, and saying every holder that didn't care about responding to you back when you were carrying on about it, mustn't know about black out periods. Not sure what the obsession is, but you've said it several times to several posters.

    In response to the rest of your post.. just because you have the time to sit on HC all week, sifting through ancient posts, lecturing about blackouts and preparing to attack a seat in companies... some of us are working flat out 7 days a week already, with no time for plotting such schemes.
    There are holders involved however, who do know all about it
    We are well aware the AGM will be late Nov.
    I'll be sure to put you in touch with them if they happen to require your superior expert advice though.
    Don't worry.. I've been through recent t200's with highlighter, and there's quite a tally.. and I'm sure it would be very easy to seek more (via HC).
    There's also quite a tally of green, increasing holdings lately too.

    Let's see what pans out ok over the next month or so.

    On first quick read through the annual, actually think things are looking on the right track too.

    I'm sure the syndicate will probably have posted the standard going concern paragraph by the time I've posted this..

    Sounds like minimal costs now that the full suite is developed, and the "margins on likely engagements will deliver surplus cash flows"

    Losses significantly reduced
    Revenue increasing (still minimal, but expected to significantly increase).

    Looking quite improved on last year's.. and the share price climbed from here on last year..
    Bring on those deals, and things will pick up very quickly once Nor proves themselves with some proper deals.
    Show us that first logo customer with meaningful upfront and ongoing revenue.
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