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I had a call back from the company and it was explained to me...

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    I had a call back from the company and it was explained to me that I would have to sell them privately off market or to hang in there .. the other option was to sell them to somebody at zero cost and to potentially claim the loss.. I thanked the chap who called me and indicated that it was great to have the board continue to get paid whilst the shareholders were left in the poo once again ... he was a little lost for words when i stated that but. I also asked how we would be informed of financial structure changes and whether the company would re-list. He reassured me that any details on change to the company would be posted on their website at which point I indicated that it was a bad way to do this as we would all have to be diligent little shareholders who kept looking ath their website everyday ... He indicated that he would put to the board some suggestion of maintaining and informing shareholders on what is going on .. all in all a pretty useless situation to be honest. BTW the shares are only listed on the ASX so there is really no chance of selling them anywhere unless you can go down the pub and offer them for sale at a discount to someone or maybe your broker will take them off your hands at no cost ... just letting peeps know what transpired yesterday. NOT HAPPY JAN

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Currently unlisted public company.

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