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Ann: RELINT: HLG: Directors and Officers Disclosu

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    15/11/2012 12:55
    REL: 1255 HRS Hallenstein Glasson Holdings Limited
    RELINT: HLG: Directors and Officers Disclosure
    Disclosure obligation: Ongoing disclosure
    A. Details of Director
    Name: Diane Humphries
    Name of issuer: Hallenstein Glasson Holdings
    Name of related body corporate (if applicable): N/A
    Position held in public issuer: Director (resigned)
    B. Securities in public issuer or related body corporate to which this
    disclosure relates
    Number, Class and type of Securities: 147,000 ordinary shares
    C. Nature of relevant interest and name of registered holder:
    Nature of relevant interest in security: Beneficial
    Name of registered holder(s) of security: H Bretherton and M Donovan as
    Custodians for Hallenstein Glasson Staff Share Scheme
    D. Details of acquisitions and disposals
    Date of disposal: 07/11/2012
    Consideration Received: NZ $5.00 per share
    Type of transaction: On market sale of 147,000 shares under the terms of the
    Hallenstein Glasson Staff Share Scheme
    E. Total number of transactions this notice relates to: 1
    F. Date of last disclosure: 20/08/2012
    G. Person Authorised to sign on behalf of Director: M G Hindmarsh, Company
    Secretary for and on behalf of Diane Humphries.
    Date 15/11/2012
    End CA:00229766 For:HLG    Type:RELINT     Time:2012-11-15 12:55:51
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