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hoots, Time will tell which is the better investment. I think I...

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    Time will tell which is the better investment. I think I remember reading where SFR have a much smaller plant than CuDeco so plant construction costs should have been considerably less. Mine life of CuDeco is a consideration.
    From what I understand ,it was Glencore which approached CuDeco for CuDeco to supply ore to Ernest Henry: the plant there apparently being underutilised. Both sides of politics are desirous of retaining the smelter for Mt Isa but the question arises in my mind did Glencore's approach to CuDeco signal an urgent need for more ore. It is normally the little guy [CuDeco] which makes overtones to the big guy [ Glencore ] not the other way round.
    An agreement beyond the original 22 thousand tonnes shipment by CuDeco to Ernest Henry will only eventuate if CuDeco is satisfied with the deal. It has other options than dealing with Glencore.
    The future of the Mt Isa smelter and the future of its employees is up to how Glencore perceives its profitability against other operations overseas. If Glencore pulls up stumps, CuDeco will be a dominant player in the area. .
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