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hoots, Cash is king these days . Why Altona would not have held...

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    Cash is king these days . Why Altona would not have held on to what it received from the sale of its mine overseas escapes me. Its price has dropped with the return of capital to below ten cents.
    CuDeco , until it has a much bigger plant, will I feel stick to what it has on hand at Rocklands. CuDeco does have the plant for handling the native copper. Whether it would be worthwhile for Altona to do what CuDeco has done ,I do not know. You might.
    There are twenty currently identified drilling targets at Rocklands yet to be drilled so plenty of room for expansion of supply if drilling proved successful. How much additional native copper those targets contain will only be revealed with resumption of an extensive exploration program. Surface rock chip sampling at the eastern anomaly showed the existence of native copper along with rare earths. This is a copper grass area.
    Acquisition of additional areas to those comprising Rocklands would need to meet investment criteria beneficial to CuDeco.
    I cannot see that happening any time soon as CuDeco is occupied with production . After that with sales and dividends , CuDeco could be in a position to assist struggling junior explorers provided they meet CuDeco's investment criteria.
    I thought you might have made an appearance at the EGM as Surfers Paradise is not that far a distance from where I recall you living on the North Coast. You could have asked all the questions you liked.
    Three of the Hot Copperites I had discussions with post the meeting came from further afield, Toowoomba, Melbourne and Adelaide.
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